Historical Snowmobile events

When an activity like snowmobiling remains popular year after year it’s common that more new events would come along to offer more options to enjoy them. At the same time, there are some historical events that have had the ability to keep going and growing year after year.

Grand Prix de Valcourt

This is an organization classed as the Canadian Ambassador for snow crossing and ice crossing races. It came into being in 1983 and is now markets itself as the most well-known motorsport event in the world. Since the beginning, it has been a gathering of those from within Canada, specifically Quebec and the US to bring attention to this sport. The Grand Prix Ski Doo De Valcourt has their main event each year, and it is always a success. It averages about 30,000 spectators which is a sure indicator of just how popular that snowmobiling and the related sports are.

Snowmobile Record Breaking

When it comes to record breaking, in any event, the challenge may be to be the one that gets entered in the Guinness Book of World Records . Currently, when it comes to snowmobiles an event is already on record here.

It is the Largest Parade of Snowmobile. The record was set in February 2015 when the parade was part of the World Snowmobile Invasion. This was held in Whitecourt Canada with the title being held by the Whitecourt Trailblazers. The total number to beat to eliminate this record would have had to be 1,048. This was challenged in February 2019 by Sault Ste Marie but unfortunately, they fell short of getting the turn out they needed, but not by much. In their parade event, there were 905 snowmobilers who crossed the start line which is still pretty impressive.

Snowmobile Recue

Whenever life is saved it has to be classed as a historical event. When talking about snowmobiles it is easy to stay focused on the entertainment they afford. What should never be forgotten is the countless times when experienced snowmobilers are called in for assistance. This can be anything from a search and rescue where only these machines can get into find someone. Or a city like Buffalo New York when one November found themselves facing 8 feet of snow that a thick crippling the city. Snowmobilers immediately went into action providing potentially life saving support through the evacuation of seniors, delivering food and helping get medical assistance.

Avoiding a Disaster

The other side of historical events that take place in the world of snowmobiling is the bad side of it. As with any activity, there are risks. For snowmobilers it can be the elements in which they enjoy their sport. Accidents do happen like when perhaps the worst ever avalanche was avoided in 2010 when two snowmobilers where killed and 31 were injured.

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