Snowmobiles and Plant Care

Winter months can be really harsh for some people; those who live in northern regions like Canada will probably find that [snowmobiles:plant care app=] are just a way of life. Those in a more temperate or tropical climate will likely never have seen a snowmobile.

What is a Snowmobile?

A snowmobile is a motor vehicle that runs on tracks or runners instead of wheels. The tracks are similar to those found on a military tank, and the runners are like skis. This allows better traction on snow and ice, so even those in the most heavily hit areas can have some way of getting around. Of course, not every household will own one of these vehicles, but usually, in those areas that have a vast amount of snowfall, at least one member of the community will have one, and they will come to the aid of those in need.

Getting About on a Snowmobile

If you use your snowmobile, you can get out of the area and still enjoy local parks and other reactional activities, such as visiting the cinema or even doing a little shopping. You might think that there is nothing to see in a park in winter, but you will probably be amazed.

Seasonal flowers and plants such as snowdrops and even some heather varieties look fabulous in winter parks and gardens, so you might want to have some of your own at home. If you need advice on how to take care of them, then the plant care app, getplanta, is precisely what you need.

What is getplanta?

Getplanta is an excellent plant care app that you can put on your phone and have with you whenever you go out and about. If you see a plant you like the look of, you can use the app to identify what it is, the type of care it needs, and the kind of soil it will grow best in, so you know whether it will be suitable for your home.

If you holiday in the Mediterranean and see a beautiful bougainvillea and wonder if it will grow as lush and gorgeous in your garden in Montana, the getplanta plant care app will let you know. You might find that it gets too cold in your area for that sort of plant to thrive, and as we are not all professional gardeners or landscapers, it would be good to know these things in advance.

Storing Your Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are ideally stored in a garage or outbuilding. These can often look boring and plain, so why not brighten up the buildings by using climbing plants on the walls and around the door? Flowering climbers can look really pretty against a wall and arching over an entrance. You can also fit plant pots to the wall and have trailing plants growing down towards the ground.

Geraniums, for example, can be really lovely when placed in pots; they come in a variety of colors and are pretty difficult to kill off, making them ideal for those who need low-maintenance plants. The plant care app will let you know if they are the right choice for you.

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