Vintage Snowmobiling

Most of the snowmobilers of today have the main interest of what is happening in the modern day sport. However, the appreciation for this great activity goes back many years. There are many snowmobilers who take great pleasure in vintage snowmobiling.

Snowmobile Museums

One of the ways to preserve the memory of history is by way of museums. Fortunately for vintage snowmobilers there is at least one that has some great historical value for this sport. This is the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum located in Naubinway Michigan.

Vintage Clubs

Vintage snowmobiling is so popular that it has created a need for various clubs to be formed in many parts of the world. The focus for these clubs is for those interested in the vintage sleds. There are still many of these around thanks to the keen preservation of them from their owners. Each club will have its own policies when it comes to what is classed as vintage.

The most generally accepted rules are those that separate the vintage snowmobiles from the antiques. Which all comes down to the age of the machine. For the antique classification it is any snowmobile that was manufactured before 1986. For the vintage years these change each year as new models come onto the market. The general rule is if the machine is older than twenty-five years it will fit into the vintage category.

This is important as it pertains to the rules that may be set for entries into vintage races and events. Although clubs in each state that runs these events will have their specific rules when it comes to the sled being eligible to enter the races.

The Extra Thrill

Some may think that participating in vintage snowmobile racing is old news. Many who enjoy this type of race say the thrill comes from taking a machine as old as what some of these sleds are and seeing how they can still perform to this day. They may not be as fast as the newer ones but they still have whats needed to get to the finish line. If it weren’t for these vintage sleds then the world of snowmobiling wouldn’t be what it is today.

There is plenty of room in the world of snowmobiling for the old and the new.

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