Alaska’s Iron Dog

Each snowmobile competition brings its own set of challenges and levels of excitement. The Iron Dog Event is one that offers multiple challenges and is a competition that many enthusiastic snowmobilers look forward to participating in.

The History

One of the reasons that Iron Dog is such a favorite is because it is an event that has been running since 1984. Throughout these years many records have been set. In events like this part of the challenge is to become the next year’s biggest and best. The original trail for this event spanned from Iditarod to Nome. Based on this then it was called the Iron Dog Iditarod but soon received a name change to the Gold Rush Classic.

The Worlds Longest Snowmobile Race

Not only does the trail keep snowmobilers alert it is the distance of this race that allows it to be classed as the longest snowmobile race in the world. Added to this it could also be said it is the toughest race to complete in the snowmobile events.

The Trail

Now the trail itself runs in excess of 2,000 miles. It starts in Big Lake to Nome with the finish taking place in Fairbanks. This entire trail has the ability to throw everything that Alaska has to offer in bad weather at snowmobilers. For safety sake the race is run in teams of two snowmobilers and two snowmobiles.

The Challenges

The sheer length of the course is the highlight of the challenge that participants face each year. Being an outdoor event no two races are ever the same. Skills are needed not only for battling the elements but the terrain itself. Durability is an asset needed to reach the finish line. In races where the majority of snowmobiling skills are only needed for a short time is far different when they are needed for long trips like this.

The Importance

Aside from the enjoyment this event brings to snowmobilers who are always looking for the next challenge it has other important components to it. It is a great fundraising event for Alaska and it allows anyone that is involved in the snowmobiling industry to come together and participate. This ranges from vendors, to snowmobile event organizers to those who just love to spectate. The Iron Dog is also a strong support of safety in this sport by providing education through a variety of different mediums.

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