Safety Tips for Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling can be a lot of fun; however it can also be a dangerous sport. This is why it is imperative to always exercise safety practices while enjoying this sport.

Dress Appropriately

It is best to dress in layers. Your clothing should be well insulated as well as wind and water proof. Wearing a snowmobile suit is a great way to keep warm and dry. To reach optimum safety while riding you should also wear a properly fitted helmet, warm boots, gloves and eye protection.


To effectively enjoy your ride, you should check the weather forecast to ensure the conditions are conducive to a safe ride.

Stay Sober

When riding a motorized vehicle it is extremely important to ride without drug or alcohol impairment to ensure your mind and reflexes are clear and quick.

Local Laws

Contact your area Snowmobiling Association and educate yourself on the laws on Snowmobiling in your area.

Frozen bodies of Water

To avoid a life threatening accident, it is best to stay away from frozen bodies of water. There have been several incidents where snowmobilers have fallen through the ice.


Always be mindful of the speed you are travelling, especially on new or unfamiliar trails.

These are important safety rules to keep you safe.

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