Snowmobiling in Eagle River Wisconsin.

For those who are looking to enjoy the best there is in snowmobiling then it may mean a trip to the snowmobile capital of the world. For many, this is Eagle River Wisconsin.

What Makes it So Special

Anywhere there is plenty of snow, and good trails can be classed as ideal for snowmobiling. Eagle River possesses all of these qualities and more. This is an area that life-saving for getting plenty of snow which is a must for this sport. The other important features for this area are:

  • It is classed as having excellent trails
  • Has excellent trail signage
  • Area caters to families
  • Is known for the best snowmobile servicing facilities

Some of these attributes have been classified as number one.

Then added to this is it being a number one destination for excellent weekend stay overs or just for enjoying a day of snowmobiling. Then to top off a great day, there are some wonderful restaurants with a variety of different cuisine.

Hosted Events

Another reason why Eagle River for snowmobiling has become so well recognized is due to their hosted events.

  • Armsoil World Championship Derby: This derby is a full week packed full of fun and excitement. Many of the events that take place through the derby are the Vintage competition and world championships. This derby has been operating for every fifty years and is the highlight of the year for many snowmobilers.
  • The World Snowmobile Headquarters: This is the go-to resource for anyone that wants to know anything about snowmobiling. They are the representative of many snowmobile groups. Visitors are welcome to stop by the HQ. To enjoy some good company and have a tour of the facility.

Eagle River has 500 + miles of trails that are groomed to perfection.

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