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Self-Guided & Guided Tours

Self-Guided Tours

Our signature self-guided snowmobile rentals is the reason why sno-goers & winter vacationers alike travel far beyond the state of New Hampshire to get to Lil' Man Snowmobile.

Pure and Simple: Largest selection of 1&2 person sled rentals in the Valley and a trail system that's unbelievable. Best of all no experience is needed, geared for all age groups and abilities. Our expert staff will instruct you-hands on- to the workings of your rental machine prior to departing into the beautiful White Mountain trail system. Choose one of 75 "different" models ( ie., Polaris, Ski Doo, Yamaha, Artic Cat) with engine size ranging from a modest 380cc to a horsepower thumpin' 600. Feel the freedom and independence while you navigate your machine through a white winter wonderland.

Majestic scenic views guaranteed. You'll take confidence knowing, too, that the Lil' Man trail recon team will be nearby to assist you if there's a need. Trails are user friendly and are groomed daily. No reservations are needed for self-guided rentals- Dress warm! Bring your camera and friend and enjoy!*

Guided Tours by our White Mountain Adventures Team

1) The Bear Notch Bubble Brigade Tour: This excursion is approximately 2 hours long, comprised of five or more snowmobiles. Departure times are 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. Reservations recommended/walk-ins welcome.

2) The Corporate Granddaddy Tour: This tour is approximately 1 1/2 hours long, consisting of 12 or more machines and is by reservation only. All tours require that you arrive at the rental office 45 minutes prior to departure time. Hot food and refreshments available upon request.

3) Custom Tours: Let us customize a group outing for your special event. Wanna get married out in the booneys on the back of a sled with a preacher in tow? Or perhaps, you'd like to hold a seminar somewhere along a remote mountain stream next to a bonfire. Yeah, that's it! Have a barbecue with the bears up on Bear Notch Mountain. Whatever your group's fancy, we will endeavor to make it happen. Prices for these tours will vary depending on the tour's eccentricities.

98% of our repeat customers prefer our self-guided rentals over the guided tours.

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This tour is 2 hours long and includes beverage & snack trail side. Call for availability, dates and times. Reservations are required.

*Tours are for market research only! Call for details.